Maria Grazia Foschi

Maria Grazia Foschi
grazia staff

My name is Maria Grazia Foschi and I graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature from the university of Bologna.

After graduating and then taking part in post graduation courses, I worked for some years as an Italian teacher.
In 1994 I opened my language centre in the heart of Rimini, specialised in the teaching of the Italian language to foreigners. Over the years I have gained much experience in the running of Rimini Academy and at the same time in training in the field of linguistics and tourism in Italy and abroad, organising specific programmes for students of high schools and universities. Highly experienced in teaching, I have worked at comprehensive and secondary institutions in the Rimini region.

Now I dedicate all my time to Rimini Academy, which has greatly expanded its activities, taking care of the course programmes and the didactics, organising promotion of my school and maintaining contact with our international partners.