Translation Services

Translations Services

presentazione russa

Thanks to a collaboration with selected and qualified mother tongue professionals, RIMINI ACADEMY is able to guarantee to its clients: rapid delivery, precise linguistic work, confidentiality and maximum availability.
We create a rapport with the client in order to personalise and perfect the service on offer and because of this, every client always has someone available that deals with the coordination and verification of the work to be translated and the preparation of interpretors, depending on the subject matter and the services requested.

Furthermore, every translated document is checked personally by a qualified expert.

Having observed recent business trends, by using freelance translators/interpretors who are not directly connected to us, RIMINI ACADEMY is able to offer services specifically designed for small and medium sized companies, for example: the running of foreign business correspondence, conference call, interpreting negotiations meetings and business trips, market research.

Any proposal is welcome!
Whether at our premises or yours we will work together in order to create the programme best suited to your requirements.

Our strength is the competitiveness of our prices!

Technical, administrative and commercial TRANSLATIONS, nonfiction and literary, e-mail messages, published material, etc.
DELIVERY by e-mail, fax, express courier, priority post.
WORKING PLATFORMS: Windows and Macintosh platforms.

When the translations are urgent RIMINI ACADEMY can satisfy your requests quickly and efficiently: the translation will be sent via fax or e-mail within a few hours. For this service an extra charge of 30% is added to the original list price.

Interpretation services: simultaneous, consecutive, negotiations, for travel, business meetings, fairs and exhibitions. Estimates upon request. The interpretation of negotiations ensures an informal comprehension for small groups of people, with the exclusion of the techniques of simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.