School of Italian language and culture

We have been teaching the Italian language since 1994, English has also been available since 2000.

We help to prepare students for the following English exams: IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English (First Certificate, Proficiency)

We provide specialised Italian training and seminars

We are the only language school in Rimini that is an exam centre for the university of Roma 3 which delivers official Italian language certification. 

Rimini Academy is a linguistic centre which has been operating since 1994. We offer various types of specialised courses designed for all interests and levels of knowledge, as well as a range of related services.

Italian language and culture courses, seminars in Italian, in Italy and abroad, linguistic consultancy, translations and interpretation in foreign languages.

Rimini Academy is open all year round and is located in the heart of the city of Rimini.

Do you have problems reading and writing in Italian?

Do you have problems understanding spoken Italian?

Do you speak Italian fluently?

How is your Italian grammar?

We will help you!

After studying at Rimini Academy you will be able to:


better and competently in Italian


the spoken language: watch movies and TV shows in Italian


to gain a certification in Italian


all over Italy, meet and talk with Italians


giving you the opportunity to improve professionally

Rimini Academy will help you learn a new language or increase your current level of knowledge of Italian

Why choose Rimini Academy?


Italian will be spoken from the first lesson, even at the initial level of knowledge of the language


Explained in simple language with example exercises


Classes 5 days a week in groups, mini-groups and individually


Classes are held in our comfortable and cozy classrooms


Choose the best course for your goals


We have been teaching Italian since 1994 and have developed a good reputation and friendship with our students, past and present


We use our own textbooks which have been developed and written by our best teachers


Our teachers are expert and highly qualified in teaching Italian

Meet our team

The Rimini Academy team is composed of teachers who are specialised and qualified in different areas of teaching: Italian for foreigners, English courses, exam preparation, online lessons.

All of our teachers are graduated and have specialised qualifications in language teaching. Most of our teachers have been teaching for many years and have gained great experience in their field.

Maria Grazia Foschi

Owner & director of Rimini Academy
Further information

My name is Maria Grazia Foschi and I graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature from the university of Bologna.

After graduating and then taking part in post graduation courses, I worked for some years as an Italian teacher.
In 1994 I opened my language centre in the heart of Rimini, specialised in the teaching of the Italian language to foreigners. Over the years I have gained much experience in the running of Rimini Academy and at the same time in training in the field of linguistics and tourism in Italy and abroad, organising specific programmes for students of high schools and universities. Highly experienced in teaching, I have worked at comprehensive and secondary institutions in the Rimini region.

Now I dedicate all my time to Rimini Academy, which has greatly expanded its activities, taking care of the course programmes and the didactics, organising promotion of my school and maintaining contact with our international partners.

Jeremy Platt

Owner & director of English studies
Further information

My name is Jeremy Platt and I was born in London. For 25 years I lived and studied in Birmingham.

My teaching experience began by teaching English to adult students of different nationalities at various Adult Education Centres within my city.

After having gained the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification and a diploma in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) I moved to Italy in 2007 and since then I have been the director of the English Department of Rimini Academy, organising course programmes and training teachers

Samanta Mancini

Teacher of Italian language & culture
Further information

My name is Samanta Mancini and I am from Rimini. I gained a degree in modern literature in 2013, from Bologna university and I attended and completed a post-graduate degree, with maximum marks, in "Teaching Italian to Foreigners: school, university, business" organised by Urbino Carlo Bo university. 

I carried out an internship, as part of my degree, at Rimini Academy and after having taught Italian to foreigners for some years in different schools in the Emilia Romagna region, from 2015 I have been working constantly with the academy. I teach in both group and individual courses. I organise and design study holiday programmes for international secondary school students. I am an overseer of L2 Italian certification exams, written and oral, organised in collaboration with the university of Roma 3.

I love teaching my language and I am able to connect easily with students of different ages, nationalities and professions. 

Patrizia Bacci

Teacher of Italian language & culture
Further information

My name is Patrizia Bacci and I graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at l' Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli. After this I attended different refresher courses of Art History and Cinema, subjects which, together with literature and music, I am passionate about. Since 1992 I have been teaching Italian to foreign students, after having participated in various courses of specialisation.

In 1997, with the collaboration of my colleagues at Rimini Academy, we began writing the didactic material for our lessons, material that was gathered, reorganised and published in two textbooks which we now use for our courses and which are sold all over the world.

In recent years I have held seminars and courses of Italian abroad, for example in Austria, in Innsbruck and I have taken part in a series of conferences organised by prestigious universities one of which is the U.C.L. Of London.

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