English language lessons online

English lessons in your own home, in complete comfort and with flexible hours

Lessons for ex students of Rimini Academy who want to continue to study with distance learning

Lessons of conversation on subjects and themes chosen by the student

Lessons of revision, exam preparation and grammar study

Learn English Online - a fantastic opportunity for all students of English, from elementary to proficient level.

For anybody who has studied English with us before there is now the possibility to study from home or on the move, whenever you prefer, always with the same teacher A fun and economical way to learn the English language

Online lesson packages

We offer packets of online lessons to buy. You can choose the days and times that are most convenient for you. Each lesson lasts one hour exactly and the student can decide what they would like to study, for example, grammar, vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation. Lessons are conversation based.

Our packets:

5 hours of online lessons

100 euros

10 hours of online lessons

180 euros

20 hours of online lessons

360 euros


Conditions of enrolment

  • In order to purchase one of our packets you need to compile the online enrolment form where you can indicate the time and day of the first lesson (Italian time GMT+1).
  • Once this has been done our secretary will contact you regarding the availability of the teacher.
  • The packet of lessons will be activated once payment has been received. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Paypal

Conditions of purchase

  • The packets of lessons have a lifespan of six months from the date of the first lesson. Once the six months have passed the packet is no longer valid and it will be necessary to purchase another in order to continue lessons.
  • In order to cancel a lesson that has already been booked it is necessary to advise us, at the latest, 24 hours before by using the appropriate online form, otherwise the lesson will be considered as taken.