Roma3 University Exam Certification

Rimini Academy is an Italian language exam certification centre for the University of Rome3, a certifying authority for the Italian language, recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Roma3 University handles the planning, realisation, distribution and evaluation of the Italian as a foreign language certification exams (L2). These exams certify your level of understanding of the language, from level A2 to level C2 and are essential for obtaining a residency permit, requesting Italian citizenship, entering Italian universities and are valid as recognised qualifications for your curriculum vitae. The exams take place in our classrooms at Rimini Academy on the dates decided by certifying authority of Roma3 University.

In order to request the exam timetable you can contact our secretary, with whom you can enrol by presenting a recognised form of identification (passport or identity card) together with the registration fee which varies depending on the level of the exam to be taken.

Packets of lessons for exam preparation

Rimini Academy organises specific lessons for these exams and has written material for the exam. A preparation dossier for the written exams is available from our secretary. Our teachers who have many years experience as exam administrators are available for individual lessons of exam preparation, correction of exam example material, writing, listening and speaking practice.

Lesson packets:

5 hours of individual lessons

125 euros

10 hours of individual lessons

240 euros

Exam example preparation dossier (with correction and evaluation by one of our teachers – 30 euros)

10 euros

Complete exam simulation (listening, writing and speaking)

50 euros